Tuesday, 1 November 2011


zambeef says it has no plans to hike the price of bread in the country.
being one of the largest wheat producers in the country, zambeef says calls for an increase in the price of bread are unjustifiable.
according to a statement made available to radio phoenix today by zambeef head of public relations justo kopulande, the country does not need to import wheat because it has enough stock to satisfy demand and safeguard food security.
mr. kopulande says the company is aware that millers have bought enough wheat to meet demand adding that if value added tax (vat) was removed from wheat flour and bread, the price of bread would immediately be reduced by 16 percent.
he has stated that the company is aware that the price of wheat has always been a contentious issue but what the wheat producers are proposing is an import parity pricing model, a practice that has been in existence for some time.
the zambeef head of public relations has justified further that the model being proposed represents a fair and transparent pricing mechanism and it takes away all the arguments over the price resulting in a win-win situation for all stakeholders who include producers, millers and the consumers.
mr. kopulande has stressed that zambia is self sufficient in wheat, a fact that everybody should be proud of because it is the only country in africa that can boast about this.
he has disclosed that in 10 years, zambeef has endeavored to contribute to zambia’s food security especially in self sufficiency in wheat by investing over 50 million dollars in irrigation equipment and farming 8, 000 hectares under irrigation to produce wheat, soya beans and maize.
mr. kopulande has noted that with zambia’s increasing population and the fast changing eating patterns, it is important to encourage local food producers of wheat rather than encourage imports whose production patterns cannot be guaranteed.
he has added that dependence on food imports jeopardizes national food security.

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