Monday, 21 November 2011

action aid zambia advises zambian government to put in places measures that will make it difficulty for mining companies to evade tax

action aid zambia has advised the government to put in place measures that will make it difficult for mining companies to evade tax.
the organisation wants the patriotic front government to improve on the monitoring system in the mines.
action aid country director pamela chisanga says as much as there is an increase in mineral royalty from 3 percent to 6 percent, the lack of proper monitoring mechanism in the country to oversee the mining on their tax payments might hinder the nation from collecting what it desires.
mrs. chisanga has stated that most of the big mines that have been eluding tax have been taking advantage of the situation which she says needs to be changed.
she has stressed that the system must be cleaned to ensure that government has a clean record of the mining companies which are operating in the country at the moment.
mrs. chisanga has further pointed out that the government needs to improve the zambia revenue authority’s capacity and ensure that all returns are remitted to the treasury.

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