Friday, 18 November 2011

UN says over approximately 600million people in africa still live without access to affordable and sustainable mordern energy

The United Nations has disclosed that approximately 600 million people in Africa still live without access to affordable and sustainable modern energy and rely mainly on traditional biomass for cooking and heating.
UN secretary general ban-ki-moon says this year’s commemoration of Africa industrialization day shines a spotlight on the challenge of sustainable energy for accelerated industrial development.
Mr. ki-moon says ensuring access to reliable, efficient and affordable energy is a key element in advancing industrial development, creating decent jobs and increasing productive capacity, especially for small and medium enterprises and rural populations.
He says modern sources of energy will decrease dependence on primary commodities, reduce vulnerability to external shocks and increase economic resilience.
The UN secretary general has stated that there is need to make access to energy a priority and ensure that energy solutions do not endanger the environment, climate and the welfare of future generations.
Mr. ki-moon has stressed that next year’s crucially important rio +20 un conference on sustainable development is a major opportunity to step up international action and investment.

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