Monday, 21 November 2011

Labour movement expresses dissapoint at there non inclusion in the committee of experts to look at constitution

the labour movement in the country has expressed disappointment at being left out in the committee of experts drafting the new constitution.
the labour movement notes that the voice of workers who are in majority has been left out.
zambia congress of trade union (zctu) general secretary roy mwaba says the union has since written to president michael sata requesting their presence in the constitution making process.
mr. mwaba has recalled that since independence the voice of the workers in the country has never been left out in the constitution making process but is surprised that they have now been left in the cold.
meanwhile mr. mwaba has questioned why president sata has left out certain lawyers who have international exposure and experience.
he says it is sad to note that the same lawyers who have been left out are being used by neighbouring countries to sort out issues of constitutional nature.

recently president sata constituted a committee of experts to look at the constitution but the non inclusion of certain groups in society like the vangelical church in zambia amongst others has brought criticisim and questions over what sought of constitution will be delivered.

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