Wednesday, 16 November 2011

government suspends distribution and marketing of breastfeeding millk in luapula province

government has with immediate effect suspended the distribution and marketing of all breast milk substitutes in luapula province after the ministry of health established that shoprite store in the province was selling the product against the law.
speaking in parliament today when he delivered his ministerial statement, health minister dr joseph kasonde says the move is in line with statutory instrument number 48 of 2006 which was developed with the intent to facilitate the effective monitoring, compliance and enforcement of products like breastfeeding milk.
dr kasonde says in addition to the statutory instrument government has  also developed a manual for environmental health officers which prescribes in detail the procedure for inspection, investigations, inquiry, collection of samples and prosecution where a contravention occurs.
he says the move by government to suspend marketing and distribution of breastfeeding milk is not in the interest of government to inconvenience or punish the children and the general public who depend on the product but only ensuring that the law is followed and the marketing is in compliance with laid down rules.
dr kasonde says all the products which were seized in mansa by government had violated the provision of the law in particular regulation number 11(a) which among other requirement states that no manufacturer or distributor shall offer for sale designated product.
he says the suspension of marketing and distribution will be followed by a stakeholder’s consultation over the matter.

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