Friday, 18 November 2011

opposition ADD president charles milupi charges that the ruling pf has lost an opportunity to improving the economy under the budget

opposition  alliance for democracy and development  president charles milupi says the budget presented by the current  government  should  have  provided a lot of opportunities for improving the economy.
mr. milupi says the opportunity to get the cost of production down has been lost as there is no money in the budget which has been allocated to companies like nitrogen chemicals of zambia for recapitalization.
meanwhile mr. milupi says the move by the pf government to increase the mineral royalty is a positive one as it  will give government more revenues .
meanwhile mr. milupi says president michael sata’s public pronouncements on corruption are a source of concern  especially with regard to the appointment of certain people  with questionable characteristics.
meanwhile, mr. milupi has welcomed the measures the president has taken on the findings over the sale of zamtel

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